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MIT began operations on April 16, 1995, at a location near the Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal, immediately adjacent to the Colon Free Zone (CFZ). The project area, known as South Coco Solo, was a former U.S. naval air base during World War II, which later reverted to Panama under the Torrijos-Carter treaties of 1977.

After reversion to Panama, the area was used as a storage and distribution center of vehicles for Latin America. In the following years it was decided to build a Ro-Ro (roll-on/roll-off) berth to facilitate the activities of import and re-export of cars from the stockyard.

In August 1993, with the arrival of the multinational Stevedoring Services of America (SSA Marine now) to Panama, the original concept of the Ro-Ro berth became the container transshipment terminal that it is today, with more than 1,600 meters quay gantry cranes equipped with modern management systems. The total project cost, to date, amounts to over 650 million.