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Continue to be one of the best ports in Latin America,  while keeping our high efficiency levels in the services we provide.



To provide efficient port services, while keeping a high productivity and quality in operations.


Values is the way people behave and act according to their personal attributes or qualities. Therefore, we encourage our employees to build a gratifying way to express themselves taking in mind the human dignity. In MIT, we act under the values that are mention below, without limiting to them:


Ability to align ourselves and take ownership of the purpose and projects of the company. We as MIT collaborators, recognize and take ownership of the purposes, orientation, projects and goals of the company, safeguarding the fulfillment of the company's mission, encouraging continuous improvement.



Disposition to keep discretion on the classified information we have access to, or has been trusted to us. In MIT we have the nature to be completely discrete on the classified information we can access or that has been entrusted to us.


 We encourage coherent behavior to all of our employees when it comes to expressing or acting, so that they care and respect the company’s goods and needs. In MIT, we use the company’s resources exclusively to our daily duties, and we an honest guarantee to our customers about the information and service we provide.  


Give everyone what they deserve, regarding every one's particulars. In MIT, we recognize that every person can act according to their own beliefs and feelings, as long as they obey the law.


Capability to make measurements based on verifiable facts.In  Manzanillo International Terminal -- Panama (MIT),every act our workers do are based on verifiable facts, which can be make accountable for, in fare conditions to the law.


Promote that everyone can be part of the activities. In Manzanillo International Terminal -- Panama (MIT), we promote the people's participation and cooperation, as building blocks to improve the teamwork and collective distribution of responsibilities.


 Accept the way other people think, live feel and act. In Manzanillo International Terminal -- Panama (MIT), we recognize the right that every person have of acting following their own convictions and feelings, as long as they follow the law. We treat people with kindness and justice; we listen and consider suggestions from our collaborators and the community, in order to strengthen our relations.


To fulfill correctly all the tasks that are assigned to us. Capability of acknowledging whenever the company makes a mistake and take action immediately. In MIT we are aware that every part of the organization might affect the final result of the service we provide. Therefore, we try to prevent any negative consequence that might affect our relationship with our customers or have negative impact in the organization, so that we can build a more comfortable workplace and become a more efficient as an organization. 


Ability to make public our actions and results. In Manzanillo International Terminal -- Panama (MIT),we communicate our results of our performance, and accept and encourage examinations from control entities. For that matter, we provide information in a true and timely fashion.