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What do we do?

  • Main projects focused on Health & Education
  • 9 permanent programs
  • Languages and computing rooms.
  • Restoration of public schools, sporting and historical places of Colon.

MIT is an integral part of the community of Colón, and as such, it feels committed to the management of significant social changes in the region, as a contribution to the development of the Colón society, which constitutes operations environment.

The experience gathered during the past 11 years has enabled MIT the creation and execution of 9 Permanent Assistance Programs in important sensitive areas of society, such as: education, health, culture and sports, among others.



            MIT supports the young sport community in Colon in order to increase their physical abilities and provide them a better opportunity as they grow up. MIT also sponsors official football teams in Colon such as: Colon Club Arabe Unido and Navy Bay Football Club. 


Social Help

MIT tries to improve the quality of life of those who have scarce resources or low income in the country, especially in the province of Colon, by supporting nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) such as: Operation Smile Foundation, Casa Esperanza, SOS Children’s Villages, Pequeña Familia de Maria shelter and Rehabilitation Center, El Buen Pastor, among others…

  MIT works with government agencies, non-profit organization, churches and civic clubs to develop interactive projects for the benefit of the Colon community.



Through the "I learn, Discover and Have Fun" program, MIT invites children from poor areas of the province of Colon, to see its facilities and take an interesting tour through the Marine Laboratory of Punta Galeta where they learn about different existing ecosystems.

  Since 2003, MIT contributes to the Junior Achievement organization, fostering the entrepreneurial mindset of students from the Republic of Bolivia School in Colon. For this activity,MIT employees go from classroom to classroom teaching young students to create self-consciousness, the importance of the family and the community. 


      MIT is actively involved in the modernization of the education, providing public schools with a better infrastructure. MIT is building and equipping some public schools with: classrooms, audiovisual rooms, school cafeterias and libraries in order to provide students with a better environment and to facilitate the teaching and learning process.


            MIT provides 10,000 books and school supplies annually to low income family children in rural communities of the province of Colon. With this program, MIT tries to encourage children to pursue their education in order to give them the opportunity to have a better life. In addition, MIT donates utensils and other basic needs that the educational centers of the area lack. 


Through the Entrepreneurial Mentorship Program, MIT employs  part-time low-income teenagers providing them the opportunity to pay for their education as well as contribute financially to their household. Many of the young people who have participated in this program are now part of the more than 1,300 employees of MIT. 

  MIT provides an internship program that enables young students from different institutions across the country to get their first work experience at MIT. If given the opportunity, MIT will offer them a job after finalizing their internship. 


              MIT offers recreational and entertainment field trips to Colon Fair and other points of interest to local children of Colon.  

¨In addition, MIT organizes activities to develop artistic skills through drawing and painting courses.